Owner, Creative Designer, Web Developer, Project Manager

Jude Goodwin is the owner of Goodwin Studios. She is the company’s lead designer, developer and projects manager. Jude has been in the business of web development for many years and has a deep understanding of what makes a good website good.

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Squarespace, Web Maintenance, Administration

Sky rejoined our team in 2015 after taking time off to obtain a degree in shamanism and certification as a yoga instructor. We’re happy to have her back!

Sky will be coming on board as a full partner of Goodwin Studios (soon to be incorporated as Goodwin Publishing) in 2018. More to come, stay tuned!


Web Designer and programmer
Systems Administration, Ezyhosts.ca

Having now spent 20+ years working with and on the Internet, Robyn has helped hundreds of newcomers get started with their own web presence by providing website hosting, graphics, website design, script integration and many modifications and customizations. Robyn is Goodwin Studios' number one programmer and trouble-shooter.

Robyn owns and manages Ezyhosts.ca the web host and server we recommend for our customers. Domain names, email hosting and web hosting are all available, along with Robyn's excellent personal service.

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Programming, Customer Support, Web Maintenance

Since 1997, Sophia Kelly has been helping non-profit organizations and local businesses do the good things they do better with database, website, technology and project management services. Sophia  explains things using non-technical language, and she helps you focus your efforts where they give the most value.

Goodwin Studios is happy to welcome Sophia to our out-sourcing team! You can find out more by visiting her website here goodthingsbetter.com


C Campbell Agency

Officially Christine is our bookkeeper but she provides consultant services as well in social media, accounts management, and client communications.

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