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Hourly Rates

Website Programming $70
Website Maintenance $55
Graphic Design $70
Desktop Publishing $55

Web Development

There are many options for people needing a website in 2018, but the advantages of having a good web developer to help get you to launch have not changed. Navigation, User Interface Design, and Search Engine Optimization are just a few areas where experience is very important.

For 2018 Goodwin Studios recommends Squarespace as the best website platform for small businesses, authors and artists, sports teams, event organizers and not-for-profits.

SQUARESPACE: As low as $1250 cdn

Square Space is an online service that provides CMS and templates and a very easy-to-use content updating interface. These beautiful websites allow anyone to have a website up in a very short time and be able to update and manage their content themselves.

For as little as $1250 we can help you get your beautiful event, club, small business, author or other 10-12 page website up and running in a very short time. Our charge includes help with template choice, custom setup, tweaking, and content upload.

Where to start

Even with a Squarespace's amazing designs, you’ll need to gather some essential ingredients:

Domain name (purchase your domain name from a domain name seller such as We then point it at your new website) account – you can set up your own Squarespace account at or we can do it for you and hand over the reigns after launch.
Logo artwork and photos
Navigation Site Plan – what pages do you want on your site?

Now, let's talk about your project!